Fishing Report 10th Nov 2023

Fishing Report 10th Nov 2023

Photo: Spencer Mcbride with a big bass from Boondooma dam caught on a on Hot Bite Spectre Vibe

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Product of The Week - Duo Realis Clawtrap 5"

The Fang Ops series introduces its first soft material swimbait, the ClawTrap 5”. Designed not only for strength but also combines the contrasting abilities of snag-less and excellent hookup. The body is made of Elastomer for durability and elasticity. The internally placed one-piece jighead hook is our original and meticulously calculated even for barb position. Effective for bush, trees, laydowns, and reef, catch those giant predators lurking in cover!

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Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam - Still plenty of good sized yellowbelly and the odd cod being caught at Cooby this week. With some unusually cold weather thrown in with some hot most lakes have seen some tougher fishing but Cooby is still producing especially on live shrimp and salt water yabbies. Jigging small blades in around 30ft of water has also been successful.

Cresbrook Dam - Some very surprising fishing at cressbrook the last couple weeks with a good edge bite happening many anglers have landed some solid bass and yellowbelly by casting Jackall TN60’s and suspending lures to the edges. This normally being a winter approach but with some of the colder nights the fish are active up shallow.

Somerset Dam - Somerset has been reportedly slow with the schooling bass having small bite windows and then shutting down. I would be incline to follow the cressbrook example and look to fish edges with hardbodied lures. Last year seen a similar thing at Somerset with a solid edge bite on Rapala DT08’s and other shallow lures.

Wivenhoe Dam - Fishing continues to be good at Wivenhoe with many fish schooling on the edge of the creek bed out from Logan’s. slow rolling spoons and spectre chatterbaits has worked best and the late afternoon bite seems the be strong.

Leslie Dam - Plenty of yellowbelly on offer at Leslie. Finding submerged structures is the key any rock pile of timber that’s on the lake floor in 15-30ft of water is generally holding fish and jigging blades around those structures will give you the best chance of landing a few nice goldens.

Monduran Dam - The fishing is still strong at mondy although we have seen a few wind directional changes over the last couple weeks the easterly’s have keep the fishing pretty solid up both north and south B arms and in bird bay. Both soft plastics like Molix Shad’s and suspending hardbodies like Samaki redics have worked well. Very slow retrieval is key sometimes pausing your lure for up to 20 seconds especially if you have located fish on your sounder and you k is they are there.

The Weather

Meringandan Region - 7 Day Forecast
Due to the changing weather conditions, please check for more up to date information.

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